our vision


Steve & Katrina met in 1990 & since 1992 (when they both became Christians) they have been working to embrace creativity & develop the seeds of potential they see lying dormant across generational family relationships.They are currently parents to 8 children. They have a blended step family with adult children & teenagers and have been fostering since moving to the Island.They understand what it is to experience the emotional pain & loss of family breakdown, however theirs is a story of hope & healing through transformative relationships.


Their hearts are to train, equip and nurture other families through the process of growth & change. Repairing, restoring & reconciling are the themes of holistic transformation they believe others will experience through this grass roots community based project.

Steve & Katrina Redpath moved to the Isle of Wight in 2007 to start building relational bridges in preparation for the formation of the charity seeds4change.


This is an amazing story of opportunities for connection that were opened up to them as a result of their own individual life struggles.